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Holiday homes in beautiful North Wales

To accept a booking we require the following information from the person making the booking on behalf of their party:


Postal Address

Mobile phone number

Email address

We need this information because a booking constitutes a contract for accommodation between Hafannedd and the guest and we need to know who is making the contract.  This is especially important in case something unexpected occurs and needs resolving  - for example damage to the accommodation, contact regarding items left in the accommodation, late arrivals etc.   Even if your booking is made through a "booking agent", for example Airbnb or Tripadvisor, we still need this information as these agents are not involved in the provision of accommodation.

We do not store any guest’s personal data electronically, apart from the name of the person making the booking.  These names are stored securely on a password-protected computer.  

All other data (see above) are recorded on paper and stored securely at Hafannedd.  Data on paper is never removed from the premises.  These data are used in connection with the individual guest booking only.

We never share any guest data with any other party.  We never communicate with guests at any time except in relation to their specific booking.  

Privacy and Data Policy