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The story so far...

It was back in June of 2021 that Hafannedd bid farewell to Philip and Ann who, for 17 years, had welcomed many guests to both the Cottage and the Mill

We had fallen in love with Hafannedd from day one and knew that we wanted to put our own stamp on the place - but how do you improve on perfection?! Many loyal guests had returned year after year so we knew we had to build on its magical appeal and just make it better!

Our gorgeous gardens

Much of the appeal of Hafannedd is in the gardens. Take a meandering stroll as another new delight awaits - you feel as if you're on a path that the faeries skip along during the twilight hours. 

Every twist and turn uncovers something special and unique. Find the fig tree, spot the mistletoe and watch spellbound as our gorgeous bees snuggle into the hollyhocks, waving like flags and drawing attention. We've worked tirelessly, making sure the gardens look more lovely and inviting than ever and we know they won't disappoint.

Thoughtful extras

As soon as you cross the threshold of our beautiful lets, we think you'll feel at home. We have furnished each let tastefully and with thought and - hopefully, we will have gone beyond your expectations. We want you to relax and truly enjoy your surroundings.

A good night's sleep can do wonders for the soul so our mattresses are fabulous, the bedding soft and luxurious and the sound of the river will lull you to sleep - perfect to put a spring in your step when you wake up in the morning!

Next on the agenda

We're delighted with what we've achieved so far but there's more to come! We're busy working on the pond which is taking shape nicely and next summer, will look amazing. 

Down by the river, we've spotted shrimps, kingfishers and a sparrowhawk. Meet happy donkeys as they nibble on the lush grass in the field opposite as well as the odd pheasant; we've even got a resident hedgehog!


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