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Experience the beautiful gardens at Hafannedd

Last updated: 13 July 2023

Previously: 21 July 2022

If ever there was a place which felt immediately peaceful and tranquil, then it’s the gardens at Hafannedd.

The River Clywd runs by Hafannedd

Walk down to the river and prepare to be entranced. Follow the vista downstream and all you can see are overhanging branches, leaves swaying in the breeze and undulating ripples of water carrying on their journey, taking the odd twig or feather along with them. You’re struck by the appearance of tree roots along the riverbank; almost ‘swampy’ like mangroves.

Daydream for a bit and ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ comes to mind - and, going with the theme, add a few toadstools so you can place elves and pixies here too. The sound of the water following its route onwards is calming for one’s soul and you will want to capture the moment forever.

Gardens promise of treats to come

Around the Mill and Cottage, the gardens are lovingly maintained whilst looking wild and natural. Blackberry bushes and elderberry trees promise tasty harvests (we’ll be making jam for us and guests to enjoy in late summer and autumn). 

Bees and butterflies diligently fly from foxglove to honeysuckle, daisy to thistle flower, the bumbles are trying to keep their balance as the breeze blows.

Herbs grow wild at Hafannedd

Past the hedgehog’s walking route, and our vegetable patch hints of more delicious ‘cargo’ to come. Red onions, garlic, carrots, rhubarb and strawberries. For keen chef visitors there are plenty of wild herbs to choose from whilst near the top of the garden that borders the driveway, the greenhouse is currently nurturing salad vegetables.

Next to the greenhouse is an understated, small tree - it’s mistletoe - looking quite different from its Christmas version. 

Solitude promised at Hafannedd

The gardens offer plenty of spaces if solitude is what you’re seeking. One of the features of Hafannedd is that the gardens are not overlooked; the hedges providing natural screens. There are idyllic spots everywhere. Depending on the time of day, take a cuppa or a glass of wine and sit listening to the birds. Peace and privacy is provided, with only squabbling sparrows providing the soundtrack.

Float away from the stresses of modern life

You’ll be immersed in the nature surrounding you and the outside world is literally on the ‘outside’. You’ll feel cocooned by Hafannedd, enveloped in its welcoming arms, safely away from life’s usual interruptions, if just for a little while. The world slows down to almost a complete stop; the real world is left behind and tranquillity beckons you in.

At the very least, when it’s time to say goodbye, Hafannedd’s aura will have recharged your energies and restored your inner chi.

If a holiday retreat (in the true sense of the word) is what you are looking for then Hafannedd is the place to come. It’s a place to appreciate nature’s beauty and return home refreshed. 


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