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Why holiday abroad when a staycation is all you need?

Last updated: 13 July 2023

Previously: 11 July 2022

Our beautiful lets located within the stunning scenery of Denbighshire should tell you all you need to know about the benefits of a staycation.

A staycation starts as soon as you put your keys in the ignition

From the moment you lock your front door and embark on your journey to Hafannedd, be rest assured that a relaxing stay awaits you.

Embrace your journey, appreciate the fact you are now 'on holiday' and know that you'll soon be finding yourself in a beautiful part of the world.

Holidaying abroad - frustrations abound

The stress of a holiday abroad, the mere thought of its trials and challenges is certainly enough for sane people to avoid at all costs. Yet holidaymakers are booking in their thousands to fly abroad and run the risk of cancellations, delays and endure journeys the stuff of nightmares. 

The worst parts of holidaying abroad

Just think of all the stress you'll be avoiding by booking a staycation.

  • No trepidation that your holiday will be cancelled at the last minute; 
  • No worry at the thought of finding another flight to reach your destination;
  • No thought of endless queues at check-in; 
  • No sleepless nights thinking your luggage won't arrive with you; 
  • No cramped seating, next to someone insistent on taking custody of the armrest (why do we allow our personal space to be compromised for hours with strangers when we would normally only reserve such close proximity to our loved ones?);
  • No travelling at absurd times of the day (and night);
  • No frustrating waits at passport control at the mercy of officials and fellow passengers.

Just think. A holiday awaits which you can anticipate freely with excitement and enthusiasm rather than angst and anxiety.

Appreciate the landscape of North Wales

Once off motorways, although not exactly in the back of beyond you can start to grasp the beauty of the Welsh countryside. 

Observe the sheep meandering in the fields and on the hills, occasionally too close to the road. Take in the majestic valleys as you take the route up and through the mountains around Llangollen. The views are stunning and you begin to feel yourself relax.

Arrival at Hafannedd

On arrival, you'll be completely taken with the lush setting - can it really be so green? Whilst not far from civilisation in either direction, it almost feels like you've entered another world.

On entry to your accommodation, you'll be immediately struck by the high standards of decor and comfort. Lounges are super comfortable in both the Mill and the Cottage. Kitchens are well-equipped and bedrooms are cosy and will guarantee a good night's sleep.

Both lets are maintained and cleaned to a very high standard - and it's in this instant that you will feel straight at home. How relaxing is that?

The gardens at Hafannedd

With the packing done, unwind further from your journey and enjoy your first stroll around the gardens. Notice the birdsong in the gardens and chattering sparrows in the hedges. The songs sound different from home and there's no traffic to drown out our feathered friends' chirps.

Discover the river that runs adjacent to the grounds. You don't know it yet, but the sounds of the river tinkling its tune to Hafannedd will lull you to sleep every night.

Rain or shine, this place is magical and will enable you to let go of the stresses back at HQ. 

Of course, we're hoping you explore what Denbighshire and the surrounding region has to offer while you stay at Hafannedd (we're less than an hour's drive from the coast, Snowdonia and places of interest). But, in our opinion, even if you rest here for the entire stay you'll still feel as if you've visited another worldly place.

A magical aura around Hafannedd

Yes, we're biased as we've already fallen in love with Hafannedd. We want to share our sanctuary and make it one for our guests too.

There's a magical aura around Hafannedd - not least due to the many stars you can view at night - there's no air pollution to hide the cosmos here.

So when your finger is poised to click 'Book' for that holiday abroad, have a think.

Chances are, your travel experiences are going to require you to book another holiday to recover from the first.

Is it all worth it when a staycation starts the moment you close your front door?

Stay at Hafannedd - think of it as stockpiling positivity for the weeks if not months to come!


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